Check Cashing Industry, “The Future Is Now”



In our industry, the question that is constantly being asked is “What is the future for this business?” It’s a question that rarely gets a definitive answer. I have come to appreciate the unlimited potential that it has. I have also realized that there are some stumbling blocks that must be overcome if this potential is to be realized.

When I began as a chief executive for the alternative financial services market, the industry had a very different outlook than most service-based companies. There was a prevailing attitude that you did not have to advertise and that good customer service was not as important as in other retail settings. I immediately took issue with those assumptions as our business is no different than any other service-based retail business. The same rules apply, even though many still disagree with that premise.

Some, on the other hand, are seeing the need for professional looking locations, professional looking employees and a wider range of products and services. They also understand the need to market through a variety of advertising vehicles, including TV and radio, along with print. What once seemed out of the norm is now being more readily accepted as vitally necessary for growth. Many operators are going beyond advertising and are understanding and embracing the concept and value of branding.

Yet many do not, and this is where the slippery slope begins. As long as the vast majority of check cashers cling to the old ways of doing business, the industry will be unable to reinvent itself and transition to true alternative financial service centers. As long as operators continue to provide services that diminish their location to a sundry shop, they will continue on a downward slide. It is clear that universal change is needed. FISCA, the industry’s trade association, is beginning to see the need for these changes. But what they can’t do is mandate, implement and execute the needed changes that individual operators must make. And that’s a big problem. As long as the majority of check cashers refuse to transition their outlets into true financial service centers, the industry will never progress or even feel good about itself.

At the FISCA convention a few years ago, a member of the association’s executive board told the general session that he did not feel comfortable telling his neighbors and associates what he did for a living! Here is someone at the cutting edge of the industry and he’s embarrassed to talk about it in his neighborhood.

Just why is that? It is because for every operator who has a professional looking facility, well-trained and professionally attired employees, and who is marketing his services, there are 50 who do not! Even worse, they are not even making an attempt to make the necessary changes.

Change is very hard. So many in this industry have done the same things for so long and have been so financially successful that they do not see the need. But how can we expect others to respect and understand what we do if we don’t respect ourselves?

There is a clear and present danger if the majority clings to the status quo. The next generation of customers is going to demand better service, better facilities and more products and options. It is a fact that innovations in products are being developed daily, and people will want those new technologies. At the same time, market forces are developing that will transition the industry the same way Blockbuster transformed the video rental industry. The sea of change is upon us. The professional branded player will be the dominate force in the market place, forcing the small independents to align themselves with the professional operators or sell their centers to them.

Financial service centers must raise the bar and provide service, convenience and affordability in a better package. There is no middle ground. There is no place for the old way of thinking and operating.

So it is clear that our future is now. We cannot wait and let circumstances dictate which direction to go. The industry must do more than just pay lip service to the changes needed. The old adage that talk is cheap is never truer than in this situation – status quo is not status quo. If some in the industry do not take the universal leap to be a full provider of financial services, or join or sell to organizations that do, embracing all that it entails, they will go the way of the dinosaur.

Paul Eckert is President and Founder of Family Financial Centers LLC. From April 2000 to May 2003 Mr. Eckert served as President of United Financial Services Group in Philadelphia. Prior to that he served as President of Task Development Corporation, a consulting firm located in Doylestown, PA, and as Regional Manager for the Eastern Division of Midas International Corporation where he was responsible for the performance of over 300 Midas outlets and the growth of franchises in the Northeastern U.S. Other positions included Vice President of Operations for Sparks Computerized Car Care and Regional Manager of Speedy Muffler King. Mr. Eckert is a member of the International Franchise Association Franchise Relations Committee. He has been a driving force in the alternative financial services industry, and has been a featured writer for various financial and trade magazines and has had his accomplishments documented in various business publications.

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How to Become a Successful Fashion Blogger

Blogs have been around for years and you see some succeed with millions of followers and then you see those that fail. You may have a real passion for the fashion industry and believe you have information that is worth sharing on your own personal views and trends, but you also need to ensure that you choose a way to relate to your audience, make them want to subscribe to your blog and keep coming back to learn more.

The first trick when first starting out as a fashion blogger and starting your own blog is to identify how you can be different. Let’s be honest, there is no shortage of great fashion and beauty blogs out there, so you need to come up with a way to make you different and unique. Chances are that the people reading the other blogs will have a look at yours, they are just as passionate about fashion as you are, so you need to think outside the box to come up with a way that makes you stand out, setting you apart from all the other fashion bloggers from around the world.

The best way to achieve this is to know your audience. If you need to, hire an internet marketing company to conduct a thorough customer analysis for you. This will help you identify the demographic and age group you are going to be writing for, this can help you come up with unique ways to interact with your potential readers, drawing them into your blog and giving them the information, advice and recommendations that they will be looking for.

Next you will want to build your brand on Instagram. Instagram can be one of the most useful tools you can have when it comes to building your blog and getting your audience to know about it. When using Instagram ensure you upload pictures that will grasp attention and they should always be of the highest quality. You want people to see your photographs and click on the link back to your blog to find out more.

Only ever write high quality content. Remember content is king when you are a fashion blogger and you will need to ensure that you provide your audience with blogs that are worth reading and will enable them to leave your page having learned something new and interesting. Ensure you keep your paragraphs short and your writing personal, so readers can relate to what you are saying and the message you want to share at all times.

Ensure any blog you write is informative and contains useful content. There is no point writing a blog that you can find on every other fashion blog on the internet, this is not going to help you grow your brand and have thousands or millions of followers moving forward. Think of your audience and what they want to know about certain clothing items and accessories and then provide them with the valuable information they need when they are trying to come up with an outfit for a function or they’re going to the shop to purchase their winter wardrobe. You want to provide them with advice that they can trust.

As a fashion blogger you need to allow your personality to shine through in your writing. If you are in the habit of writing to the point without letting any personality or fun through in your writing, then your blog is going to be boring and you won’t gain readers. Make it fun, use high quality images and ensure you share information that your audience is going to find valuable now and moving forward.

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